Simulation Methodology in Macroeconomics: An Innovation Technique

Άρθρο του F.S. Mishkin στο περιοδικό Journal of Political Economy.


This paper discussesa simulationprocedure where innovations from time-series processes are used in conductingsimulationexperiments with macroeconometricmodels. A particular theoretical example using the term structure interestrates is studied here, along with of actual simulation experiments using a large macroeconometric model. This analysis illustratesthe advantages of simulatingwith innovationsand the extentto which more standard simulationprocedures lead to misleading results. The innovation-simulation technique can be used to provide information the response of the on economy to shocks,even when the macroeconometricmodel is not invariantto policychanges. Policymakersmightfind such information to be quite valuable.

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Title: Simulation Methodology in Macroeconomics: An Innovation Technique
Author(s): Frederic S. Mishkin
Source: Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 87, No. 4 (Aug., 1979), pp. 816-836
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